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Selection x Your Local Florist Bright fresh flower and foliage surprise bouquet

Includes: a minimum of 25 stems of hand-picked seasonal International-grown blooms and foliage,

Container: Rattan Woman Basket tote Bag 8.86"x5.71"*5.9"

100% organic Ecuador-Colombia-Holland-grown flowers. Available seasonal flowers

The flowers are cut to order – no airfreight, electrically controlled greenhouses, frigerated warehouses.

Native blooms are bee friendly and crucial to the biodiversity of the micro field where they are grown.

Please note, the flowers included in this bouquet are seasonal and are therefore subject to change

Care info: cut approximately 2.5cm from the end of the stems, at an angle, before then submerging the stems into fresh water, along with the flower food provided. Keep the flowers in a cool, draught-free area, and avoid direct heat or sunlight. Remove any fading blooms or foliage as you see them, change the water every other day, and re-cut the stems as necessary