• Meet Your Local Florist

Hi there! Have we met before? I'm Gloria – owner +designer of Lilies Floral Design! 

The hardest part about building this website wasn’t
the planning and building it out, but rather taking that moment to write a few
words about myself... eek! It's pretty easy to hide behind a bucket of flowers,
but at the heart of my business, I'm the kind of gal who truly values a
meaningful connection with my clients.  I love hearing about your journey
and what flowers mean to you. It's always my honor to be able to convey your
story and personality through floral design.

Now, a few fun things I thought I'd share about myself! 

My favorite color is military green.

One of my biggest passions outside of floral design is dancing!  If I'm not playing around with flowers, you'll most likely find me in the gym or running.

Dance is another love language of mine, and it is definitely one of my favorite forms of expression.  I danced Ballet when I was a little girl and I tried again when I was an adult. After that I felt in love with Salsa dance when I was 27. 

I love all flowers...

But my favorite are Peonies and Renunculus.

Peony Flower

I love Peonies Flowers, because I get them in my garden, the smell is spectacular and they begin to bloom in the month of my birthday... May.

Renanculus Flower

One of my favorites, because they are delicate, fun and can be kept all year round in many colors.

With LOVE in the USA

Our exclusive designs are troughtfully created with tremendous care and gratitude, with the kind of love only a small business can package. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for shopping small.

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