They’ll love the festive beauty of our holiday lily bouquet! These radiant red and white blooms are paired pair together, bringing joy and cheer to family and friends, near and far.

Add to their gift:

  • Classic clear fluted glass vase with swirl design; measures 7.5"H (available with 14 stems only)
  • Red glass gathering vase; measures 8"H (available with 7 stems only)
  • Classic clear glass hourglass vase with elegant carved fluted detail; measures 9"H (available with 7 stems only)

Note: the number of flowers will increase, proportionally with the size and price of the flower arrangement.

  • DELUXE arrangement measures approximately 21"H x 14"W
  • PREMIUM arrangement measures approximately 19"H x 13"W
  • REGULAR arrangement measures approximately 17"H x 12"W
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